Nextgen Medical Solutions

Providing your facility with superior billing, credentialing and collection capabilities.

Medical Office Consulting

Provide experienced consultants to help improve the processes and operations in a medical office to run the office more efficiently.

Electronic Claim Filing

Most claims are billed electronically and in doing so, claims are paid quickly and accurately.

Medical Billing Service

Patient demographics and billing information, posting of charges, posting payments based on EOB’s, and making all necessary adjustments.

Insurance and Patient Collections

Immediate and persistent, yet professional follow-up on all denied claims, which include appeals and corrections. 


Did You Know?

All of our medical billers are trained and certified to meet your utmost medical billing & credentialing needs. The billers working on your accounts have spent an immense amount of time in both the classroom and production environment so as to become well-rounded medical billers & more.


Outsource With Nextgen

Faster receipt of payments due to fewer denied or delayed claims.

Increased profitability since all allowable insurance claims will be collected.

The ability to grow your practice since you will have more time to devote to patients.

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At Nextgen Medical, we are dedicated to achieving optimal insurance reimbursement and more. Medical billing is already a frustrating aspect of running your practice, so leave it to Nextgen to reduce the pain so you can focus on what you love most: practicing medicine..

We are focused on maximizing your insurance reimbursement while decreasing your stress. Outsourcing with Nextgen can eliminate in-house billing expenses, such as salaries, vacation, sick pay, medical and dental benefits, Workers’ Compensation Insurance, and more.

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