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Providing your facility with superior billing, credentialing and collection capabilities with our combined 15+ years experience.

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About Nextgen Medical Solutions

Our team at Nextgen, with a combined experience of 15+ years, comprises of medical billing service experts, committed to providing lasting value to all whom we work with. Using the latest technology and best practices both, we’re able to provide high-quality and cost-effective medical billing solutions, and more. Nextgen Medical Services is your one-stop shop for all of your medical billing needs.

Some of our client base includes family practices, psychiatry and psychology offices, behavioral health providers, and more. Additionally, our staff continuously stays up-to-date on the latest billing and credentialing rules and regulations in the insurance claims submission process.

We at Nextgen are licensed in all 50 states.


Did You Know?

A GAO (Government Accountability Office) study found that up to 25% of all medical claims filed are denied?

Reasons for this include incorrectly inputted forms or submissions based on outdated regulations.

That’s an unnecessary loss of income to you.


Outsource With Nextgen Medical

Faster receipt of payments due to fewer denied or delayed claims.

Increased profitability since all allowable insurance claims will be collected.

The ability to grow your practice since you will have more time to devote to patients.

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Outsourcing saves your business time. Medical billing services are an immense task and outsourcing your medical billing can take some of the burden off your shoulders. It will save you the time you need to concentrate on providing quality care to your patients.

It reduces your in-house costs. Having a full-time employee can be very costly. Outsourcing can eliminate in-house billing expenses, such as, salaries, vacation, sick pay, medical and dental benefits, Workers’ Compensation Insurance, and payroll taxes.

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